Food City Deals for 3/31 through 4/6 including Extra Hot 3 Day Sale 4/4 through 4/6

Extra Hot 3 Day Sale
Thursday, April 4th through Saturday, April 6th only

Whole or Cored Pineapple 1/2 price $1.99
Cole Slaw from the deli 1/2 price $1.24/lb.

Split Fryer Brast Family or Jumbo pack 1/2 price $1/lb.
Lay’s Deli Ham 1/2 price $2.49/lb.
Oscar Mayer Bologna 16 oz. 1/2 price $1.24

Food Club Sandwich Sliced Cheese 8 oz. 1/2 price $1.49

Sunny Delight 64 oz. 1/2 price $.99

Other Foods
Bakery Fresh, Italian or French Bread 15 to 16 oz. 1/2 price $1.24
Nature’s Own Whitewheat Buns 8 ct. 1/2 price $1.49
Martha White Cornbread Mix 6 to 7 oz. 1/2 price $.54
Valu Time canned vegetables 28 to 29 oz. $.88

Non Foods
Angel Soft Bath Tissue 4 rolls $.88
Use $.25 off 1 Angel Soft printable (manufacturer website)
Final Price: $.63 (Looks like the site is going to let me print this again. I printed it a month or two ago and used them on a similar sale.)

Food Club Glass Cleaner 32 oz. 1/2 price $1.49

Full Week Deals

Mega Savings Event
Buy any 10 participating items and get $5 off at register, mix and match (This means $.50 off each when you buy 10 items.)
Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes 3.7 to 6.6 oz. $1.49
Use $.50 off 2 Betty crocker boxed potatoes printable (brick)
Final Price: $1.24 after coupon or as cheap as $.74 when purchased with 10 participating products

(Sorry, I don’t like the prices on hardly any of these Mega savings events deals. Did I miss something you like the price on?)

Russet Potatoes 10 lb. bag $2.99
Vine Ripe Slicing Tomatoes $.99/lb.

Fresh Express American or Italian Salad 10 to 12 oz. Buy one get one free, or 2 for $3.29
Use $.55 off 1 Fresh Express Packaged Salad, any from 03-10-13 Smartsource insert
Final Price: as cheap as $2.19 for 2 with 2 of the $.55 off 1 coupons, or about $1.10 each

Sweet Onions 3 lb. bag $2.50

Boneless Fryer Breast Jumbo or Family pack $1.99/lb.
Fresh Tilapia Fillets $3.99/lb.
Boston Butt Pork Roast Whole in Bag $1.49/lb.
Gerber Ground Chicken 93% lean $1.99/lb.
Land O Frost Premium Lunch Meat 10 to 16 oz. $3.99
Bistro Deli Classics, Brick Oven Turkey Breast or Virginia Ham 32 oz. $6.49 (I think this is cold cuts from the deli.)
Gwaltney Great Dogs 16 oz. $1

Blue Bonnet Spread 45 oz. $2.50
Food Club English Muffins 6 ct. Buy one get one free, 2 for $2.99 or about $1.50 each (This is what I have been paying for the non-refrigerated variety at Kroger. The image makes me think these are refrigerated, but personally I don’t care if they are or aren’t.)

Tyson Any’tizers 10 to 11 oz. $2.99
Use $1 off 1 Tyson Any’tizers Snacks, any from 01-20-13 Smartsource insert (There are some bagged Anytizer coupons in the 3/3 Smartsource insert, if these are included in sale, but I think it is boxed items.)
Final Price: $1.99, if they work on the item on sale

Banquet Brown ‘n Serve Sausage $1 (No size given in ad.)
Banquet meals 4.66 to 10.25 oz. $1

Food Club Soft DRinks 12 pack 12 oz. cans $2.50

Maxwell House Master Blend Coffee 30.6 oz. $6.99
Use $1 off 1 Maxwell House Product, any from 03-17-13 Smartsource insert
Final Price: $5.99

Sunny Delight 40 to 48 oz. $1

Other Foods
Food Club Dried Pinto Beans 4 lb. bag $3.59
Red Gold Ketchup 36 oz. $1.50
Food Club Pork & Beans 16 oz. $.79
Food Club Lasagna Noodles 16 oz. $1.67ish
Valu Time Sloppy Joe Sauce 15.5 oz. $.50
Valu Time Chunk LIght Tuna in water 5 oz. $.58
Valu Time Macaroni & Cheese 6.25 oz. $.38
Food Club Evaporated Milk 12 oz. $1
Food Club HOmestyle Soft Cookies 10 to 11 oz. $1

Yakisoba Noodles 3.96 to 4.11 oz. $1
Use $.50 off 1 Maruchan Bowl or Yakisoba, any from 02-10-13 Smartsource insert
Final Price: $.50 (Sometimes these can be free after double coupon at Kroger.)

Mrs. Cubbison’s Texas Toast Croutons 5 oz. $1
Wolf Chili with Beans 15 oz. $1
TGI Friday’s Potato Skins 4.5 oz. $1 (Not great for this size, but if you love them.)
Dinner Rolls (6 ct.), Sandwich Cookie Cake Slice, Pie Slice, Caramel Flaky Roll or Mini French Bread from the bakery $1

Non Food Items
Valu Time Foam Plates 40 ct. $1


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