I am a new resident of Oak Ridge, Tennessee who loves to coupon, cook and walk or bike all over the place.  This blog will represent the local stores and their coupon match ups/good deals that I can find, my exploits cooking and trying new recipes/restaurants, and my exploits walking and biking all the trails and sidewalks and roads in and around Oak Ridge, TN.  If you have some favorite recipes, favorite walking/biking areas, couponing tips for local stores they would be very appreciated!

I hope I can help you save a few bucks, and maybe find new ways for you and for me to enjoy this City of Oak Ridge.

Here is a few direct links to the items that I try and upkeep on a regular basis. I do get behind on some of these, but I do try.
Aldi’s Price List
Dollar General Price List
Dollar Tree Price List
Walmart First Price Price List
Local Restaurant and Business Coupons List

Notice the categories on the left, as there is also recipes, restaurant reviews, and walking trail reviews in addition to the weekly coupon matchups.

One Response to Welcome!

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