Possible Walmart Price Matching for 4/27 through 5/3

Fresh Corn on the Cob 12 for $4 or $.33 each (Ingles)
Granny Smith, Golden Delicious or Red Delicious $.88/lb. (Ingles)
Bi-Color Corn $.33 each (Dollar General Market)
Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.95/lb. (Dollar General Market)
Vine Ripe or Roma Tomatoes $.95/lb. (Dollar General Market)
Strawberries 1 lb. $1.95 (Dollar General Market)
Seedless Watermelon Whole $3.95 (Dollar General Market)
Russet Potatoes 10 lb. bag $2.99 (Food City)
Yellow or Zucchini Squash $.99/lb. (Food City) (I do not know what a good price on this is.)

Country Style Pork Ribs Family Pack $1.98/lb. (Ingles)
Bone-In Pork Boston Butt Whole $1.98/lb. (Ingles)
Split chicken Breast Family Pack $.99/lb. (Food City)

Muller Corner or Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz. $1 (Ingles)
Use $2 off 5 Muller Yogurt, Any (DND) (Void in LA and ND) from 03-02-14 RP (expires 4/30)
Final Price: $3 for 5 or $.60 each (The Fruit Ups tended to be a bit cheaper, like $.80. I did try some of these but didn’t overly like them. The Fruit Ups seemed to be a fruit gel to go with the yogurt and was a bit sweet for me. Hubby did not like the corners one that he tried.)

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 4 oz. can, Cinnamon 7.3 oz. can or Grands Biscuits 10.2 oz. can or Jr. Flaky Golden Layers Butter Tastin’ 12 oz. can $1 (Publix Wed. 4/30.)
Use $.30 off 2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Or Grands! Jr. Biscuits, Any from 04-13-14 SS or 03-09-14 SS
Use $.40 off 3 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, Any (Excludes Twin Pack) from 04-13-14 SS or printable (EverydaySaver) or 03-02-14 SS
Use $.50 off 2 Crescent dinner rolls printable (Pillsbury) or printable (Boxtops4Education) or printable (Betty Crocker)
Use $.50 off 3 Grands or Grands Jr. Biscuits (Pillsbury) or printable (Boxtops4Education) or printable (Betty Crocker)
Use $.50 off 2 Sweet Rolls (Pillsbury) or printable (Boxtops4Education) or printable (Betty Crocker)
Final Price: Depends on product purchased and coupon used

Mayfield Classics Ice Cream 56 oz. $2.50 (Ingles)

Eggo Waffles 10 ct. $2 (Ingles)
use $.75 off 2 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Product, Any 5.3 Oz. Or Larger, Mix Or Match (Limit of 4 Like Coupons in Same Shopping Trip) from 04-06-14 RP
Final Price: $3.25 for 2 or about $1.63 each (The sad thing is that this is about as cheap as waffles get, except when Kroger has their no name for $1, which doesn’t happen often. I am wondering it is quarterly or less often, but at least twice a year? But I think it tends to be back to school time.)

Banquet Pot Pie 7 oz. $.68 (Food City)

Powerade Sports Drink 32 oz. $.69 (Food City)
Pepsi 2 liters $1, when you buy 5 (Kmart) or Pepsi or Mountain Dew 2 liters $1, must buy 3 (Dollar General) or $.99, limit 5 (CVS)
All 2 liter soda brands $1, when you buy 5 (Target, image shows a coke and a Pepsi 2 liter. I have no idea if Walmart will price match this or not, but I may try, as I am low on soda and we prefer Coke.)
Pepsi 12 pack 4 for $12, limit 4, which means $3 each (CVS)

Other Foods
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes 15 oz. $1.98 (Ingles, Four Day Sale, 5/2 through 5/5)
Use $1 off 2 Frosted Flakes printable (Kellogg’s website)
Final Price: $1.48

Act II Microwave popcorn 3 ct. $1 (Ingles)

Mueller’s pasta 1 lb. $1 (Ingles)
Use $.75 of 1 Pot Sized Spaghetti printable (Smartsource)
Use $1 off 2 any printable (manufacturer website, available after signup, also prints via smartsource)
Final Price: as cheap as $.25

Jif Peanut Butter Creamy or Crunchy 16 oz. $2 (Dollar General Market)
Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 8.5 oz. $.58 (Food City)
Spaghettios or Chef Boyardee 14.75 to 15 oz. can $.80 (Big Lots through 5/4)

Quaker Granola Bars Chewy Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 6 ct. or Chewy Dipps chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter 5 ct. $1.95 (Dollar General)
Use $1 off Quaker Big Chewy Bars, Any (1) Box Or Chewy Bars, Any (2) from 03-23-14 RP (This coupon was not available locally.)
Final Price: $1.45

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 8 oz. or Butterball Chicken Broth 14.5 oz. $.50 with in ad coupon, limit 4 (Walgreens)

Non Food Items
Arm & Hammer Fabric Softener Sheets 40 ct. $.99 (Food City)
use $1 off 2 printable (Manufacturer website, available after signup according to database.)
Final Price: $.49

Gravy Train Dog Food 13.2 oz. can $.44 (Big Lots through 5/4)
Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 144 oz. $3.95 (Dollar General) (This is the equivalent of about $1.24 for a 45 oz.)

Sparkle paper Towels 6 rolls bonus pack $4.50 (Dollar General)
use $1 off 1 6 pack printable (manufacturer website) or 3-23 RP (expires 4/30, probably a lesser value)
Final Price: $3.50

Walmart Deals from Insert
Alpo Canned Dog Food 13.2 oz. $.70 or ($.65 at Dollar General)
Use $1 off Purina Alpo Dog Food, Any (8) Cans or (1) 8-ct. or Larger Variety Pack from 04-27-14 SS
Final Price: $4.60 for 8 or about $.58 each

Canine Carryouts Dog Snacks 5 oz. $.94
Use $1 off 2 Canine Carry Outs Dog Snacks, Any from 03-23-14 RP
Final Price: $.44

Hartz Delectables Gourmet Roasted chicken Treats 2.1 oz. $.94
Use $1 off 2 Hartz Delectables Cat Treats, Any from 04-06-14 SS
Final Price: $.44

Friskies Party Mix (Cat treats) 2.1 oz. $1.50
Use $1 off 2 Purina Friskies Brand Cat Treats, Any Package from 02-09-14 RP
Final Price: $1


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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