Food Lion Coupon Policy

Here is Food Lion’s coupon policy which I had never looked up before. The bottom of Food Lion’s FAQ includes a link to this policy.

I have not used many coupons at Food Lion yet. Mainly only using some cold cuts or smoked sausage coupons used on marked down items.

“Coupon Acceptance Policy
In service of Creating Great Customer Experiences for you, Food Lion stores will follow these steps when accepting coupons.

 We will only accept coupons that are in date and the product or purchase requirements have been met.
 We will accept Manufacture, Store, Internet, and Catalina Checkout Coupons.
 Competitor coupons will not be accepted in our stores.
 Coupons with limits specified on them must be followed.
 No “cash back” will be given for coupons of any kind.
 We will not Double or Triple any Manufacture, Store, Internet, Catalina Checkout, or any other coupons.
 Customers may not use more than (1) one coupon per item with a maximum of (10) ten of the same coupons for the same item per customer. This includes coupons that are downloaded onto your personal MVP Card.
 We will only accept paper or Internet coupons that appear to be originals.
 We will not accept internet coupons from other retailers.
 We will not accept FREE internet coupons.
 We will accept pre-printed Manufacture and Store coupons for FREE items.
 The value of any coupon cannot exceed the purchase price of that item.
 The value of the FREE item cannot exceed the purchase price of that item.
 We will only accept paper coupons or coupons loaded directly onto your personal MVP Card. Any coupons displayed on a phone or tablet will NOT be accepted.
 State tax law determines the application of sales tax.
 For any coupons with a minimum spend, the minimum threshold must be met before taxes and after MVP discounts in order to receive the discount. Discounts are not applicable towards the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, postage stamps, or services.
We reserve the right to limit the quantity of coupons that may be redeemed in one shopping visit. We also reserve the right to refuse any coupon that may appear to be fraudulent.
See Customer Service or Store Office for more details.”


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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