What an Odd Couple of Weeks

It has been an odd couple of weeks. Last week, Oak Ridge City schools had an early release day on Tuesday, while I was out trying to help count the homeless in the Anderson County Point in Time Count. (My group came up empty, even though we were told there were at least two homeless in Lake City, just could not find them.) Then Wednesday schools were closed. The Thursday a two hour delay for school. On Thursday my son came home not feeling too good and saying he may not feel up to school on Friday. Friday, he was sick with a runny nose, mild fever and sinus headache, so he stayed home. Then came the superbowl and my pot of chili. Guess who started getting a runny nose and sinus headache during the superbowl? Me!

I tried to get done what I could and what I felt up to, but blogging the Walmart deals and prepping for the Kroger ad that would come out on Wednesday did not happen and that got me a bit behind for the week. I had hoped to have possibly worked on or finished CVS/Walgreens before the Kroger ad came out, but I just couldn’t concentrate on it this week. Then hubby seemed to not feel great on Wednesday and came home early. He stayed home sick on Thursday and then worked from home on Friday. This is all to say that I did not get to working on CVS and Walgreens. I wanted to get my free toothpaste and possibly cheap chocolate at CVS this week, but never managed to finish the post and didn’t manage to shop CVS, partly because Kroger needed to be done on Thursday afternoon, which is when I normally try and do CVS and Walgreens, if I do them. I just didn’t feel like I had time today to do the post and do CVS and Walgreens and decided I could skip this week of sales and live just fine. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Other things that have been updated recently include some updates on the Dollar Tree price list, the Aldi’s price list and the restaurant coupons.

Other things that should be coming soon is another restaurant review. We have now been to Puero Cancun on the Oak Ridge Turnpike twice and I think we found our favorite Mexican restaurant in Oak Ridge. I don’t want to forget to review this restaurant soon, as it was quite good and I want others to know of it’s existence. I have also walked a few more trails and taken some pictures along the way including a trail or two at HAW Ridge and the Wildflower Greenway. I also want to add a few photos of my walk along the Emory Road Greenway with snow on the ground.

Anyone have any requests on what I should work on? Do you have favorite coupon matchups, or walking trails for me to do, or restaurants to review? Any favorites you have in walking this area, or restaurants, I would love to try them and would love to have a walking partner as my son and hubby are not the most interested in joining me on my walks. I am not an experienced hiker, more of an experienced sidewalk walker with some trails.


About skirnirh

I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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