Aldi Gift Certificate Contest

Occasionally, when I have the opportunity, I would like to have contests on the blog here. Today this contest is partly in thanks to Aldi’s. I went to the Oak Ridge Aldi’s grand opening and apparently I won one of the gift baskets which came with $50 of products and 2 $25 gift certificates. One of those $25 gift certificates will go to one of my lucky readers.

When I picked up my gift basket this morning, there was two to choose from and I chose the Fit and Active gift basket, as I had been meaning to try some of their Fit and Active line of snacks, as I am a calorie counter. So I will be slowly trying some of this line, in the non-refrigerated, non-frozen items.

To enter the contest, please tell me, in a comment to this post, if you have previously shopped Aldi’s and if so, what items do you particularly like at Aldi’s? This may help some of those who are new to Aldi’s in Oak Ridge have some idea of what is worth trying. For those who have not shopped at Aldi’s before, where do you like to shop for good deals and do you have any tips for the rest of us?

I hope we have a number of entries. The contest will run until end of day Saturday, November 16 and a winner will be chosen on Sunday, November 17 and the $25 gift certificate will be mailed shortly thereafter, or perhaps hand delivered. I will be looking forward to your responses to the above questions. Lastly, do remember that when you put in an email address, not in the comment itself, it will not be shown to others, only to me. Make sure you have an email address that is useable and will be checked in the week after the contest is over. Sometimes in the past, on my previous blog, I would run a contest, and pick a winner and never hear from them.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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2 Responses to Aldi Gift Certificate Contest

  1. trishay79 says:

    I am in Wisconsin. I can’t recall particular fit & active items I like or do not like. I have liked just about everything I have tried at Aldi here in Wisconsin. There have been times when certain produce items looked past their prime in the past for me…but I have not noticed this as much recently. I think it might depend what day you get there in regards to when the produce was put out. The only item there I have tried and did not like was Lynder brand cheese singles. There are other brands of cheese singles there that I do like and come to think of it I think one of the brands might be Fit & Active. And I have tried quite a few items from there. I think milk, sour cream, cream cheese, cheddarwurst sausages, various produce, the $2 frozen pizzas, buddig type lunch meats, are all usually good deals and good (to me anyway) tasting items. Have tried and liked the ketchup, mayonnaise, raisin bread, English muffins, canned vegetables and beans and tomato sauce etc. I do buy quite a few items there when I do not feel like watching for a sale as a lot of their prices on basic items do tend to match or beat sale prices. One thing here in Wisconsin that is more expensive is cereal…at $1.69 or higher a box when it is quite easy to get name brand for $1.25 a box or less with double coupons at pick n save. I can’t think of anything else offhand that is definitely cheaper watching for a sale with a coupon. Oh and meat deals (think ground beef, pork chops, chicken etc) I tend to do better shopping sales than buying at Aldi.

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