Dollar Tree Price List

Last updated February, 2014

I am going to try and keep and regularly update a price list for Dollar Tree and for Aldi’s, see the Price Books category for this type of post. I only spent a little while at Dollar Tree this first time price checking, but this list will get longer over time. All items are $1 unless noted otherwise.


Baking Items
Baking Powder 8.1 oz.
Baking Soda, Arm & Hammer, 1 lb.
Cooking Spray 5 oz.
Evaporated Milk 12 oz.
Flour, All Purpose 2 lbs.
Sugar, Domino 1 lb.
Sugar, Brown, Domino 1 lb.
Pie Crust, Graham Cracker, 9 inch

Boxed/Bagged/Canned Food Items
Cereal, Malt O Meal Boxed, Golden Puffs (7.7 oz.), Frosted Flakes (7 oz.), Oat Blenders (6.5 oz.)
Cereal, Malt O Meal Bags, Berry Colossal Crunch (10 oz.) or Cocoa Dyno-Bites (10 oz.)
Cereal, Post Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Crunch Greek 15.5 oz. (These were short dated, at least the one I bought was dated 2/20/14. I would have bought more, but not sure I have tried this cereal before, though I do like Honey Bunches of Oats. I don’t tend to be a Greek yogurt fan though.)
Hamburger Helper 6.4 to 8.7 oz.
Potato Helper 4.7 to 6.6 oz.
Soup, Healthy Choice, 15 oz.
Vegetables, Canned, Libby’s, 14.5 to 14.75 oz. $.79

Bread Loaf, Nature’s Own, Butterbread, Honey Wheat, White Wheat, 100% Whole Wheat 20 oz.
Bread Loaf, Wonder, Whole Grain White, 100% whole Wheat 16 oz.

Barbecue sauce, Kraft Bulls Eye BBQ Ranch 15.8 oz.
Fruit spread squeeze bottle, Strawberry or Grape 19 oz. (Looks like jelly to me.)
Ketchup, Hunt’s 24 oz.
Mustard, Yellow, Koop’s 18 oz.
Peanut Butter Creamy 10 oz.

Frozen (Not all Dollar Tree’s has freezers, but the one on the Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge does.)
Frozen fruit including Blueberries 10 oz., Mango Chunks 10 oz., Mixed Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries and Black Berries) 12 oz., Peaches sliced 12 oz., Pineapple Chunks 12 oz. and sometimes Strawberries whole or Sliced strawberries 10 oz. (I buy the blueberries and the sliced strawberries, but lately the sliced has not been in the stores for about two months at least.)
Ice Cream Sandwiches Vanilla 4 pk.
Orange Cream Bars 6 pk.
Sausage, Gwaltney pork Sausage roll 8 oz.

Granola Bars, 5 to 7 ct. pkg.
Raisins 4.5 oz.

Other Food Items
Alfredo Pasta Sauce 11.8 oz. jar
Garlic, minced 8 oz. jar
Garlic with spices, jar 6.76 oz.
Kraft Recipe Makers 12.2 oz.
Marie Callender’s Easy Sides 4.2 oz.
Pancake Syrup, Lite 24 oz.
Pickles 17 oz.
Potato Gnocchi, Caputo 500 grams (just over 17 ounces.)
Progresso Recipe Starters 18 oz.
Roasted Sweet Peppers jar 8.3 oz.
Spaghetti noodles 24 oz.
Zatarain’s pouch 8.8 oz.

Non Food Items

Cleaning Items
Ajax powder with bleach 28 oz.
Bleach 96 oz.
Comet with bleach 25 oz.
Dish Liquid, Ajax 14 oz.
Dish Liquid, Noname 30 oz.
Dish Liquid, Palmlive 14 oz.
Dishwashing Detergent Gel 30 oz.
Dishwashing Detergent, Sun, powder 20 oz.
Disinfectant Wipes 24 ct.
Drain Opener, Mister Plumber 32 oz.
Fabric Softener 42oz. (21 loads)
Fabric Softener, Suavitel, 15.2 oz. (9 small loads)
Floor Cleaner 48 oz.
Furniture Polish 18 oz.
Laundry Detergent Liquid 42 oz. (21 loads)
Shower Cleaner, Daily, 32 oz.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 oz.
Window Cleaner 32 oz. in spray bottle
Window Cleaner Refill 64 oz.

Hygiene Items
Deodorant, Arm & Hammer Max 1 oz.
Deodorant, Arrid XY (?) 1 oz.
Deodorant, Brut 2.25 oz.
Deodorant, Lady Speed Stick 1.4 oz.
Deodorant, noname 2.5 oz.
Deodorant, Speed Stick 2 oz.
Deodorant, Suave 1.4 oz.
Deodorant, Sure 1.3 oz.
Hand Soap, Refill 20 oz. (They used to have a larger size for this price.)
Razors, Bic Silky Touch Razors 2 pk.
Razors, Brut, Revolution Twin Blade, 5 pk.
Shaving Cream, Barbasol 6 oz.
Toothpaste, Colgate Sensitive 2 oz. (Potassium nitrate main ingredient for sensitivity.)

Ibuprofin 40 pk.

Paper Products/Bags
Cups, hot/foam 8.5 oz. 45 ct.
Cups, hot/foam 16 oz. 20 ct.
Facial Tissue, Kleenex, 85 ct.
Facial Tissue, Scotties, 70 or 120 ct.
Napkins 160 ct.
Napkins, Premium (like Viva) 50 ct.
Paper Towels, Bounty Dura, 1 roll
Storage Bags, Hefty Gallon 8 pk.
Storage Bags, Hefty Quart 10 pk.
Storage Bags, Hefty Sandwich 13 pk.
Storage Bags, Stor It Gallon Freezer slider 8 pk
Storage Bags, Stor It Gallon Freezer zip 12 pk.
Storage Bags, Stor It Quart zip 25
Storage Bags, Stor It Quart Freezer 16
Toilet Paper, Scott 1000 Single roll

School Supplies/Stationary Items
Crayons 48 pk.
Filler paper 150 sheets
Glue, School2 pk. of 4 fl. oz. each
Glue Sticks 4 ct. .32 oz each (even though I swear the package said 32 oz.)
Glue Sticks, RoseArt 3 ct. .21 oz. each
Envelopes 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inch 40 ct.
Envelopes 3 5/8 x 6 1/2 80 ct.
Highlighters 3 pk.
Hightlighters, Glowline 4 pk.
Notebook, Mini 3 x 5 4 pk. of 60 sheets each
Notebook, 1 Subject, 70 sheets
Pencils, 16 ct.
Pencils, Colored 10 pk.
Pens, ink, ball point, red, black or blue 10 pk.
Posterboard white $.50
Posterboard color $.69
Project Display Board, tri section
Sharpie 1 ct.
Sharpie no name 2 pk.

Other Non Food Items
Coat Hangers 6 pk.

Seasonal Items
Christmas Cards boxes of 14, 16 or 20


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