Restaurant Linderhof Review

Tonight, we tried the Restaurant Linderhof, as far as we know, Knoxville’s only German restaurant. They are now located at 12740 Kingston Pike, Suite 106, in Rennaissance Farragut, in Farragut TN. This is a new location for them.

We made reservations a couple of days in advance, because we had happened to find the place last Saturday but they were packed with their Octoberfest celebration and had no openings. In Wisconsin, we had a German restaurant that we rather liked, so we had to try this restaurant out.

The place was not overly crowded when we entered or throughout our meal, but they did have other people there. I assume it was less crowded than a typical Saturday as many got it out of their system last Saturday with the Octoberfest celebration. The walls and tablecloths are a darker blue with some German decor, but not as much I am used to seeing in Wisconsin. I was joking to my husband where is the stein collection? But maybe that is in the bar section of the restaurant.

Our orders were taken quickly and were all served correctly. I ordered the beef roast in a Hungarian sauce. Meals come with choice of soup and salad and bread basket. I chose the goulash for my soup, as the other choice was the beer cheese soup, which would not have agreed with my stomach. For my salad, I chose the traditional salad, rather than the wedge salad. My son chose the beer cheese soup and hubby chose the goulash. All of us chose the traditional salad. My son and husband decided to get the Wurst Combo for Two where you could choose 6 of their seven sausages. They were out of the brauenwerst, I think it was, so that was the one they did not try. My husband ordered the potato salad as his side and had some rotkraut with their meal. It was a red cabbage side. My side was the spatzle.

In not too long our soups came out. It is a fairly small bowl of soup. My son liked his beer cheese soup, but didn’t seem to rave about it. My husband liked the goulash, as it was well spiced. It is a brothy soup, but good. I think about when the soups were finished, the bread bowl came out. The bread was a warm from the oven pumpernickel bread. It is a very mild pumpernickel as I don’t like rye type breads much, but this was reasonable. Was also a very fluffy bread. We are a tad more used to denser breads, but did enjoy it. Then came out our salads. This is fairly similar to the salads that the Gasthaus in Wisconsin used to serve. It had the marinated/pickled like salad with the cucumber, red cabbage, potato (which the Gasthaus did not have in theirs) and was rather good. The waitress took a little time to realize we had finished our salads before bringing out the main dishes, but not that long.

I had ordered the beef with Hungarian sauce with spatzle. It was actually quite good, but not quite as tender as I was expecting. I have made a Hungarian stew with beef and served it with store bought spatzle, or rice before and I expected it to be a bit more tender. Otherwise, it was quite good. May just make me have to make a Hungarian stew sometime. I think I made it in the crockpot a year or so ago, but would have to find the recipe, if I even can or start over.

My son and husband split each of the six sausages. He has regularly ordered such a meal at the Gasthaus in Wisconsin a number of times and was familiar with the Knackwurst. Knackwurst tends to be a mild sausage with a bit of a tougher outside skin. The Knackwurst at Linderhof was good, but the skin seemed a bit thinner and not as tough as my husband is used to. He did seem to like his sausage though. Not sure which one was his favorite, but he enjoyed being able to try them all, with the help of his son, as I tend not to order sausage, as the calories tend to be very high.

Overall, it was a very nice evening. The food was good, not absolutely drool worthy, but quite good. But then maybe, my taste buds haven’t been drooling as much lately. My meals at home haven’t seem to taste quite as good as I remembered even though my husband and son seem to think they do. The service was good, with maybe a tiny bit of slowness on bringing out the next dish, but only enough time to talk a bit. They managed to keep up mostly with my son drinking way too much soda, but at least it is diet. (Diet RC Cola, I think the waitress said.) We did not order dessert, as we were all full, and did take home a little bit of left overs. I think I have to look at the dessert menu just to see what a German restaurant has for dinner. We tend not to order dessert at restaurants, even though I do believe my husband’s parents have ordered dessert at the Gasthaus a time or two. Some strudels, Cherry or Apple, seems fairly standard, along with Black Forest Cake. Yeah, looks yummy, but had no room in my stomach for dessert.

I think we will go back here on occasion. It is a bit more expensive than our normal restaurants, but the wursts for two helped keep the costs down a bit. So it depends on what we order, how much more than our typical restaurants costs, but the salad and soup being included helps at the atmosphere/experience is enjoyable, so I do recommend it.


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