Oak Ridge Cedar Barens Trail

The Oak Ridge Cedar Barens area/trail is next to Jefferson Middle School on Fairbanks. The area seems to be a small area next to the schools baseball field with the entrance on Fairbanks. There is now a new sign to mark the entrance and the exit at the school.

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Sign

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Sign

Apparently the sign was recently put up in August as referenced in this article in Oak Ridge Today. The trail is very short, but it is more like what I am used to from living in Ohio for woodsy areas with open spots. Tennessee has some unusual plants sometimes that I am not used to from living in Ohio and Wisconsin, but this area seemed to be more normal for me. There were some blooming wildflowers.

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Wildflowers

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Wildflowers

Here is a picture from the woodsy part of the trail.

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Wooded Part of Trail

TN Oak Ridge Barrens Wooded Part of Trail

Mainly, I do like this trail for walking, but it is too short to get much enjoyment out of it. When my son and I went in the early summer, we saw a turtle in the middle of the trail. This last time I went, it was mainly flying insects and such, but not more than one would expect outdoors.

Here is a January 2003 pdf about the area, it’s history and it’s preservation. That is about all I can find on the area. For me, the Emory Valley Greenway is quite close and easy to get to from the Oak Ridge Cedar Barens, as is the Melton Lake Greenway. As I live nearby these greenways biking around and then taking a short walking break at the Cedar Barens is convenient. I wonder how many of the students from the middle school tromp through after school. Maybe someday I will have to find out. (Can’t say I could tell by liter, as I didn’t find much. A few cigarette butts and a plastic bag near the wire fence near a small side trail. And no, I did not pick them up, as I have not been picking up trash while out biking then taking short walks.)


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