CVS and Walgreens Deals for 9/15 through 9/21

Here is the Pocket Your Dollar CVS listing. If you are low on toilet paper and want to be quite a few, there is a buy $30 of participating products and receive $10 back in ECBs. So you can buy 6 Charmin Basic 12 double roll packs for $5.49 each – $.25 off 1 coupon from 9/1 P&G. If you have 6 coupons, pay $31.44 and then receive $10 back in ECBs, so like paying $21.44 or about $3.68 each. You could also include some Puffs pop-up 96 ct. or PUffs plus tissues 48 to 68 ct. $.99 on your way $30 and use $.25 off 3 from the 9/1 P&G insert. Dawn 9 oz. dish liquid 3 for $3 and receive $1 back when you buy 3, limit 1, which is like paying $2 for 3 or about $.67 each. Gold Emblem candy corn, autumn mix, or pumpkins 7.5 to 9 oz. $.77. (Wonder if they will have any free after ECBs. Personally I don’t like candy corn, but my son does and I refuse to pay anything for it, as it is pure sugar. At least chocolate tastes good!) Rescue stress relief gum 17 ct. is free after $5.79 ECB. (That is a lot to pay for gum, even if they give it back to me. What the heck is stress relief gum?) Sundown Naturals Gummies vitamins 50 to 120 ct. $7 and receive $4 back when you buy 1, limit 1 and use $2 off 1 from 9/15 Redplum insert, so it is like paying $1 after manufacturer coupon and ECB. Ajax dish liquid 30 oz. $2 Use $.35 off 1 Ajax 30 oz. or more from 9/8 SS. Total home facial tissues 184 ct. $.97. Dr. Pepper 2 liters $1, limit 5. A&W, 7Up, Canada Dry or Sunkist 2 liters $.99, limit 5. Receive a $.30 off 1 2 liter coupon from the CVS coupon machine. Coke 2 liters $1, limit 5. Colgate total rinse 250 ml. 2 for $5.98 and receive $3 back in ECBs when you buy 2 and use $2 off 1 Colgate Mouthwash, any 8 oz or larger (No more than 4 coupons for the same product in same transaction) from 09-08-13 SS. With 2 $2 off 1 coupons, pay $1.98 and receive $3 back in ECBs. Kellogg’s Special K cereal 11.2 to 19.5 oz. or bars 5 to 10 ct. 2 for $5 and receive $1 back in ECBs when you buy 2. Use $1 off 1 Kellogg’s cereal printable from or $1 off 2 Special K Cereal printable also at I think I will only stop at CVS if I am heading out to somewhere nearby and only if I have two of the Colgate mouthwash coupons. If I stop by, I will probably also pick up a 2 liters with the coupon machine coupon. But overall, not a good CVS week to me.

Here is Pocket Your Dollars Walgreens listing. Kellogg’s cereal 8.7 to 13.7 oz. $1.67. Use the $1 off 1 coupon referenced above at There is also a $1.35 off 2 of some limited varieties of Kellogg’s cereals at the AARP coupon printing website and some at the Kellogg’s and Kellogg’s family rewards websites. Mars, Dove, Skittles or Starburst candy 1 to 2.17 oz. $.49, limit 6. Nice purified water bottles 16.9 oz. $1.99, limit 3. Sunny Smiles paper towels single roll 10 for $5 or $.59 each if not buying 10. Jack’s pizza 12 inch 3 for $10 and use $3 off 3 Walgreens coupon in September coupon booklet. Use $1 off 3 from 9/8 Redplum insert. That would make for some cheap Jack’s pizza, as long as you don’t mind whatever flavor/topping choice they carry. Nice peanut butter 18 oz. $1.99. Lots of good fillers including: Nice gelatin regular or Sugar free $.29 with in ad coupon, limit 4; Russell Stover Coconut Nest or Pumpkin 1 or 1.25 oz. $.39 with in ad coupon, limit 3 and Hunt’s tomato sauce 8 oz. or Butterball chicken broth 14.5 oz. $.50 with in ad coupon, limit 6. Nice 100% pure honey 32 oz. $4.99, limit 4 with in ad coupon. Pepsi 2 liters $.99, limit 3. Wexford invisible tap .5×450 or .75×300 inch or Scotch mailers 4×7 to 10.5×15 inch $.39 each with in ad coupon, limit 3. (Another good filler, in my opinion.) Domino Sugar 4 lbs. $1.99 with in ad coupon, limit 3. use $.40 off 1 from 9/8 Redplum insert. Kleenex 85 ct. or Puffs 56 or 96 sheets $.88. Use $.50 off 3 Kleenex printable from Use $.25 off 3 Puffs from 9/1 P&G insert. Pocket Your Dollars also lists some Glade deals that can make for free items. There is a Nexxus hair care deal and $3 off Nexxus printable coupons listed on Pocket Your Dollars also. I will probably do Walgreens and see what Kellogg’s cereal is included in the deal, but won’t get my hopes up as often times it is so limited, I don’t find anything I want.

This week, I could easily skip both stores, but may do them anyway, as I need to be at the high school this afternoon and that isn’t far from Walgreens and CVS. But if I get distracted, or get tired, will probably skip them both.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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