CVS, Staples, and Walgreens Deals for 7/28 through 8/3

I did do CVS already this week, as they sent me another $3 ECB in email. If you have not given your email to CVS, you might want to do so. There are a few things at CVS this week that interested me, but not sure on Walgreens or Staples, as I haven’t looked them over yet. Did see that there is supposed to be free Colgate Total toothpaste next week at Walgreens after manufacturer coupon and RRs. I am hoping, as I do need some soon. But I also don’t like RRs much as the rules are so strict on their usage.

Here is the Pocket Your Dollars CVS listing. The first thing in the ad is the Nature’s Bounty, Flex-a-min, Osteo Bi-Flex, Sundown, Disney Gummies and Ester-C vitamins and such all are on a buy one get one free and the coupon machine will give you a $2 off coupon. There is also $2 off coupons out on most of these products including the one on Nature’s Bounty from this past weeks RP insert and one from the 6/16 RP insert, which expires today. Yesterday, I did pick up two bottles of the Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D. They were $9.99 for 120 pills buy one get one free. So $9.99 for 2 – $2 coupon from the CVS coupon machine and 2 $2 manufacturer coupons for 240 pills for a total of $3.99. I think this is a reasonable deal for Vitamin D. I haven’t tended to buy them, but my husband has been recently told by his doctor that his Vitamin D levels are low and to take a Vitamin D pill that is stronger than my general multivitamin. CVS Just the Basics purified water 24 pack of 16.9 oz. bottles $2.44, limit 3. There is a Ragu/Hellmann’s/Skippy/Lipton tea deal that you can look at using coupons from this past Sunday’s paper, if you have enough and they carry your preferred flavor. IE CVS does not carry the flavor of Ragu that my family buys. Yes, we are brand and flavor specific which is not the easiest way to save money! The Snickers/MilkyWay Bites 7 to 8 oz. stand up pouches are $2.50 and there is a $1 off 1 coupon from the 7/28 RP, making them $1.50 after coupon. Starbucks ice coffee 11 oz. for $1.50 and receive $1.50 back in ECBs, limit 1 offer. Shoot, there was a $1 off 1 Starbucks iced coffee printable, but it has now ended. I do think I printed it, but forgot to pick one up on Tuesday for donating. We don’t like coffee. Austin cracker sandwich 8 pk. $.99. Dawn 9 oz. $.99 and there is a Dawn coupon in this past weeks P&G. Stayfree pads 14 to 24 ct. $2.99 and receive $1 back in ECBs, limit 1 offer. Use the $1 off 1 Stayfree coupon from the 7/28 SS or 5/5 SS (expires today), or JUne 2013 All You magazine or printable (brick). I did pickup a pack of Stayfree. 7Up, A&W 2 liters $.99, limit 5, and receive a $.30 off 1 from the CVS coupon machine. Also the deal I liked best because of how it worked out is the Herbal Essence 10.1 to 13.5 oz. shampoo/conditioner that is 2 for $5. Use the Buy one shampoo get a free conditioner coupon from the 7/28 P&G and then receive $1 back in ECBs, limit 1. CVS’s cash registers are a bit quirky with buy one get one coupons and tend to give you the normal price. So when I went Tuesday the register took off $4.99 if I remember right for this coupon, so I was paid to take this out of the store. NOt sure if this will work for you, but even if it doesn’t 2 bottles of shampoo for $2.50 and receive $1 back in ECBs is quite good to me. Pocket Your Dollars, I think, also listed a possible free Gillette Venus razor, but our cheapest one seem to be $11, so even with a $5 coupon and the $2 back in ECBs, far from free.

Staples deals for this week. We do have the tax free holiday coming up this weekend on school supplies, computers, and clothing, I believe. I think we shall be staying home, as I suspect stores are rather busy and crowded then. We try and avoid crowds, if we can help it. (Wonder when the Food City Midnight madness sales are non-crowded, but I am not going really late, as we do 6 AM mornings and I can’t stay up late anymore. Do I sound old?) $.50 items: Staples 12″ see-through plastic ruler, Paper Mate Magic Rub eraser 3 pack, Staples micro-perforated writing pad/wide ruled/letter size, Wet wipes 30 pack. No limits listed on these. I wonder if the Staples graph-ruled filler paper 80 sheets for $2 is a good deal or not. (Don’t think my son will need it this year in Calculus, though.) Staples steel 1-hole punch $1. RoseArt colored pencils 12 pack $.75. Staples multipurpose paper, 500 sheet ream $6.99 and receive $5.99 back after easy rebate, limit 2. The easy rebates do look fairly simple and can all be done online it looks like without physically sending in a receipt, etc. No, I have not done one yet, as we did not have a Staples near us in Wisconsin. $.01 items with $5 minimum purchase: Staples school glue 4 oz., limit 2; 2 pocket paper folder, limit 10; slider pencil case, limit 4. One could buy the two reams of paper and the $.01 items and then submit the paper for the rebate and not spend a lot anyway. I may do the penny items, if I need some ink for my printer, as I think we do. More $.50 items: Staples translucent pencil box, limit 2; Bic Wite-Out Quick dry correction fluid 2 pack, limit 2; Bic Velocity gel pens, 2 pack, limit 2; Paper Mate Sharpwriter .7 mm mechanical pencils 5 pack, limit 2. Protractor or compass $1. Probably will not do Staples myself unless we need ink for our printer. My church is collecting school supplies for a local school, so if I do go, I will take advantage of the $.01 deals and what I can use of the $.50 deals. Here is also a 25% back in rewards when you shop at Staples from now until 8/3 coupon.

Last but not least, here is the Walgreens Pocket Your Dollars listing. Wexford 2 pocket folder $.10, limit 10. Dawn Dish liquid 9 oz. $.99 and use the coupon in the 7/28 P&G. Gatorade 32 oz. drinks $.69 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Hunt’s tomato sauce 8 oz., Butterball chicken broth 14.5 oz. for $.50 with in ad coupon, limit 6 make good fillers. Nice Mushrooms 4 oz. or Mandarin Oranges 11 oz. $.69 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Nice Olives 5 or 6 oz. $.89 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Butterball turkey bacon 6 oz. $1.29 and use the $.55 off 1 coupon from the June or July All You magazine. Nabisco cookies or crackers 3.8 to 8 oz. $.99. (These tend to be the smaller ounces, so not a good deal to me.) Pocket Your Dollars does list a few Nabisco coupons, but I would be surprised if any work in this sale. Nestle Candy .77 to 2.1 oz. $.49 with in ad coupon, limit 6. 7Up, A&W, etc. 2 liters $.88, limit 3. Palmolive dish liquid 25 oz. $1.99 and use the $.50 off 1 coupon from the 7/28 SS. Wexford 1 subject notebook or 2 pocket poly portfolio or Paper Mate Highlighters 6 pk. $.49 each. Wexford Multipurpose paper 400 sheets $2.99. Wexford student scissors blunt tip or pointed 5 inch $.49 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Elmer’s glue school 4 oz. or sticks 2 pack $.49 with in ad coupon, limit 6. Wooden Ruler or mini highlighter $.19 with in ad coupon, limit 8. Crayola posterboard 22×28 inch $.39 with in ad coupon, limit 6. Wexford Steno Book or Writing Tablet 6×9 inch 2 pk. $.99. Wexford Compass and protractor set $.99. Wexford glue sticks 3 pk. $.69 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Wexford slider pencil case $.49 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Penway colored pencils 12 pk. $.69 with in ad coupon, limit 3. Purell Hand Sanitizer 8 oz. $2.99 and use $1 off 1 coupon from the Walgreens August coupon booklet and $1 off 1 from the 7/28 SS for a final price of $.99. U by Kotex pads 14 to 18 pk. $3.99 and use $2 off 1 from Walgreens August coupon booklet. Use $2 off 2 printable (not good on liners, Crest prohealth rinse or mouthwash 16 or 33.8 oz. $4.49 and receive $2 back in RRs, and use $1.50 off 1 from 7/28 P&G for a final price of $.99 after RRs. Reach toothbrush $2.99 and receive $2 back in RRs and use $1 off 1 Reach toothbrush printable (does exclude the Crystal Clean which often times is what is in the sales). Kellogg’s cereal 8.7 to 13.7 oz. $1.67. Pocket Your Dollars lists a number of Kellogg’s coupons, but I don’t think we received any of the 7/14 RP coupons locally. Eggs 1 dozen $.99. IF I do go to Walgreens, it will be for some cereal. I am getting low in my raisin bran varieties.

Sorry, if I rambled a lot on this one. It felt like I was rambling quite a bit to me!


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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