I have not done the best job on the blog the past few weeks. We came back from our first ever cruise, a cruise around the Hawaiian islands, and then my laptop went to the computer shop as the trackpad wasn’t working. Turns out it was a swollen battery that was pushing on the trackpad and causing it not to work. For some reason, it took the computer store, almost three weeks to figure that out. *grumble* I know my family is awful, but we are a three person, three laptop home and living with two laptops, none of them set up with my passwords, personalized settings, etc. was not pleasant. (Two of our laptops are 2008 and one is a 2012, so we don’t buy new laptops often. Our son received my husband’s old one when he bought the 2012 laptop. Before that we had only two laptops.) This kept my laptop access down for the past three weeks, but some other things have been going on also.

In early June, I had developed an infection in my neck gland from a salivary stone blocking the salivary duct. This was treated with antibiotics and things got back to semi-normal. As it was a large stone, the doctor wanted to do a ct scan and then decide how to proceed. After the ct scan, he wanted to remove the entire gland which would have required a neck incision and two week recovery time. This seemed extreme to me, as all the websites stated removing the gland was something they did only after the patient had had stones a couple of times and this was my first ever salivary gland stone. I wound up seeking another opinion, and he suggested removal of the stone only, which was done this past Thursday, under anesthesia. Been a bit tired and had a mild sore throat since, but overall doing quite well.

All of this leads me to feel the need to apologize again for not doing a better job keeping up with the different stores. But in so doing, I am going to state now which stores I want to try and keep up with and if you have opinions on which stores and sales you want to see, let me know. For right now, it mostly makes sense for me to do the stores I shop, unless I see one that people/viewers want to see. The only one that search engines have seemed to say people want is the Food City Midnight Madness sale once a month, which I will try to do from now on. Did try and shop my first Food City Midnight Madness sale and well, I wasn’t too happy. I went mainly for the bakery bagels 6 ct. for $1.29 and for the Pringles $.88. The Pringles though were not a standard size can and they size was even smaller than what was listed in the ad and they only had two flavors in those cans original and Sourcream and onion, so I was rather disappointed. I wonder if this is normal for a Food City Midnight Madness sale? One thing I try very hard to do when I list coupon matchups is to always consider size of the product to the sale. I have noticed that many coupon matchup blogs do not list the size of the product and for me this makes a major difference on whether something is a good deal or not.

I am going to try and do Kroger by Tuesday night, a CVS/Walgreens review by Wednesday night, Food Lion by Saturday night each week. I will try and do the Food City Midnight Madness sale each month and during back to school season, I will do a quick Staples review with the CVS/Walgreens review. Would you prefer these be done sooner, as for now they are a reflection of when/if I shop each store? I wish this would give me more time to post a few more restaurant reviews and walking reviews. So far, I have walked all of the Melton Lake greenway, some of Haw Ridge park, all of the UT Arboretum trails (not all the “roads”), and parts of a northern Outer Drive trail, I think it is. I have to look it up later. Want to get some pictures of the Melton Lake greenway and post that sometime soon. Always have a few recipes I wish I would sit down and take pictures of an post. Oh, and we have tried a few more restaurants that I have not reviewed yet. Do let me know what you are interested in, and it may wind up getting done sooner than it otherwise would.

My lack of ability to get everything done that I want to, means there isn’t as much content here yet to drive traffic and to drive views up, so of course, I sometimes wonder about the point of the blog, but I do like sharing deals, recipes and walking trails with others. Please let me know what content you want to see, and when you want the coupon matchups done by.


About skirnirh

I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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