First CSA Pickup

This summer we signed up for our first CSA and I am going to blog a bit each time we pick up about what we received and what we used it for. This is mainly to see how much we get this summer and whether it is worth the cost. Another blogger I read did this and it is part of what convinced me to give it a try. We signed up for an every other week pickup that started this past Monday, May 20th.

CSA Pickup May 20th 2013

Here is a picture of what we received. I am going to price out how much these are worth to us, and by that not what they are worth, but how they replace what I would normally have bought. We received what I believe was 2 quarts of strawberries, a bunch of radishes (about 8), a good bunch of dino kale, a large head of cauliflower, a head of red lettuce, a small amount of arugula, and a good amount of red bok choy. The strawberries seem to be more than 2 pounds worth, so I would say for me they are worth $4, as I would pay $4 for 2 pounds. (And these were much fresher than grocery store and oh, so much yummier.) As I would not buy radishes or kale, I have no idea on those. The radishes are being used in salads and one was used to dunk slices in hummus, which was quite good actually. The strawberries have all been eaten. I love my strawberries and my son helped eat quite a few too. The cauliflower was used as a side veggie, and was quite good, so I will say $1, as we used it to replace one pound of frozen veggie. (Yes, this was a veggie we hadn’t cooked with before and I rather did like it and may price it’s value higher as my hubby said he may want me to buy some sometime to roast the way he did it the other night.) Oh, the Kale, we first tried Kale chips which none of us liked. The second half of the bunch was used in a baked pasta and cheese dish and well, my son and husband liked the dish, but I did not. So overall, I doubt I would buy kale again, but if we get more in our next pickup, may try some other ways to use it. The head of red lettuce is about 1/2 gone used in salads. I would value the red lettuce, small amount of arugula and the red bok choy as at least $3 worth of spinach that I would normally have bought, but did not, as I had plenty of interesting things to add to my usual daily romaine lettuce salad.

This makes our first CSA pickup about $8 worth of veggies, and yes, this is a conservative estimate. Fresh strawberries are worth more to me than grocery store strawberries, as is fresh lettuce, etc. But not sure how much more it is worth. I am really trying to convince myself that in the end this will be worth it, but I am not sure if it will be or not.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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One Response to First CSA Pickup

  1. Ann says:

    Skirnir if this is organic you are undervaluing the cost in the store considerably. Heck, a head of cauliflower in season up here is $3 at the road-side stands, never-mind the grocery store!

    I love that your CSA gives your fresh fruit too. If those are organic strawberries, they are worth more than $4.

    I’ll be interested to see how your bag grows with the season. You are paying quite a bit, and if it doesn’t pick-up considerably and net you produce to freeze, it may not be “worth” it in your area

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