CVS and Walgreens Deals for 5/12 through 5/18

This is the Wednesday/Thursday where I am headed on Thursday email. If I am going to shop on Thursday, it has to be in the morning. So going to try and get this done as soon as I can, but I had a meeting at church tonight and my hubby had a not so good day today.

Here is the Pocket Your Dollars CVS listing. First there is the 20% off coupon. It is only good on non sale items and for me, tends to mean that I get very little off, as I tend to buy only sale items at CVS. I find the majority of their prices a bit high, even with 20% off. But I may use it this time, as I saw an item that elsewhere they don’t tend to have a noname version, but CVS does. Next Gain dish liquid 9 oz. or Total Home facial tissues 70 to 100 ct. $.99, limit 4. There is a $.25 off Gain coupon in the 5/12 Proctor and Gamble insert. There is Kellogg’s Cereals, fruit snacks, Post Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles 11 oz. $1.77, limit 4. The AARP site had a number of Kellogg’s coupons along with the Kelloggs website and Kellogg’s family rewards websites. There is also an M&M’s deal. M&M’s bonus size 9.9 to 14 oz. for $2.50, receive a $2 off 2 coupon from the CVS coupon machine and use $1.50 off 2 from the 4/28 Redplum insert, which would make 2 packs of M&M’s $1.50. I use M&M’s often times for baking cookies, or for snacking or ice cream topper, etc. My husband uses them in his trail mix. Often times I am stocked up, but as I let the stockpile get low before the move and didn’t find any cheap M&M’s after Valentine’s or Easter, I do need some. Pocket Your Dollars reports the Gillette Venus Razor as free after manufacturer coupon and ECBs. Looks like about it. I will probably pick up Kellogg’s cereal, M&M’s and maybe the free razor for donating.

Here is the Walgreens Pocket Your Dollars listing. I see Nestle, Skittles or Starburst Candy .77 to 2.17 oz. 2 for $1, or $.59 each if not buying 2, limit 6. There is a $.60 off 3 Nestle coupon in the 4/28 Smartsource insert according to Pocket Your Dollars (PYD). Nice bottled water 24 pack of 16.9 oz. bottles for $2.49, limit 3. Apparently there is some Werther’s coupons out (listed on PYD listing) to possibly combine with the Werther’s candy bags 2 for $3 and receive 250 points when you buy 2. There is also a Twizzler coupon out. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for $.79 with in ad coupon, limit 4 is also a good price. Nice gelatin regular or sugar free for $.33 with in ad coupon, limit 6 makes a great filler. Sun-Maid raisins 13 oz. for $2 with in ad coupon, is a good price also. There is a Heft storage/freezer bags buy one get one free deal and a $1 off 2 coupon out from 5/5 Redplum insert. There is a Crest/Oral B deal that after coupon and RRs you can buy 2 free, if you don’t mind $5 in RRs. (Always feel free to look ahead at the next weeks ad at I heart walgreens. I find it helpful in deciding if I am comfortable having a $5 RR. Walgreens 2 week expiration and the rules of RRs being used as a coupon make me more leary of having larger denomination RRs.) So if I go to Walgreens, it would mostly be for the Hefty storage/freezer bags, as I am low in them. I am already at least somewhat stocked on macaroni and cheese and raisins. I do tend to buy them when Walgreens has these sales, but don’t need any right now, but if I do go, I think I have a $1.50 RR from last weeks tampons that I donated, so would probably pick up some raisins perhaps as my filler to use the RR.

What are you buying this week at CVS or Walgreens?


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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