CVS and Walgreens Sales for 5/5 through 5/11

It is now time for the am I going to CVS or Walgreens post. And the answer is that I am going to CVS, as when I scanned my bag tag last week, CVS gave me $2 in ECBs that expired in a week. They are ending the bag tag program and this is their way of saying sorry and informing the customer. This means I have to use my $2 in ECBs today or they expire. (Yes, I know CVS will take slightly expired ECBs, at least most stores will. Have not tried it yet in Oak Ridge.)

Here is the Pocket Your Dollar CVS listing for the week. I see bottled water 24 pack of 16.9 oz. bottles for $2.44, limit 3. Ajax dish liquid 14 oz. or Renuzit Adjustables 7.5 oz. for $.88, limit 5. There is a Nivea ECB deal that Pocket Your Dollar lists with a printable coupon. There is a Dove hygiene product ECB deal. Dr. Pepper 2 liters for $.99, limit 5. 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Sunkist 2 liters buy one get one free sale, limit 4. Kleenex regular 100 ct., with lotion 70 ct. or upright 60 ct. $.99 and receive a coupon from the CVS machine for $.25 off. Pepsi 2 liters for $.99, limit 5. I can see picking up a couple of 2 liters (even though I am stocked now, as I have been price matching the CVS soda 2 liter deals at Walmart. Walmart has Diet Caffeine free, and CVS almost never does. I think I have found the diet caffeine free 2 liters at CVS about once since I moved here in November.) Pocket Your Dollars lists a possible free Sally Hansen nail polish deal. Pocket Your Dollars also lists the Maxwell House original or Master Blend Coffee 30.6 oz. for $6.99 and receive $1 in ECBs back, limit 1. I think this is a reasonable coffee deal from what others have told me. (I drink loose leaf tea, not coffee.) They do have the itunes, app store, or gap gift card deal. Buy $50 of gift cards from participating stores and get $10 back in ECBs, I like to sometimes do this at Christmas time, as my family all seem to love Itunes gift cards. (My hubby just spent a $25 Itunes gift card I obtained free from in probably 5 minutes flat.)

Now to look at Walgreens. Here is the Pocket Your Dollars Walgreens listing. There are some free after RRs items on the back of the ad including Breathe Right Extra Nasal STrips 10 pk., Charco Caps Anti-Gas Formula pills 36 ct., Florax DS Diarrhea Relief probiotic .17 oz., and W Perfection Tampons 8 pk. I may pick up a tampons pack if I stop by to donate to the local food pantry. Pocket Your Dollars lists this deal…
Blue Diamond Almonds (16 oz.) $5.49
$1/1 Blue Diamond Almonds from May Walgreens Savings book
Plus, use:
$0.75/3 Blue Diamond Almonds 4 oz.+ from 4/7 Smart Source insert
Final price: $4.24 each after coupons
I doubt I will do this today, as CVS had a 16 oz. of their Almonds for $4 last week or so and I bought a bag then. My husband does love having his almonds, cashews and peanuts around for snacking. Kellogg’s Cereal 8.7 to 13.7 oz. for $1.99. With the AARP printable coupons, you might be able to get a reasonable deal on something. (The link does not seem to be working at the moment.) Nice pure cane sugar 4 lbs. $2.29 with in ad coupon. Nice bagged candy 3 to 9.5 oz. 2 for $1 or $.69 each if not buying 2. Nice Bagged chocolate 4 to 5 oz. $.79. (I sometimes grab a bag of chocolate covered peanuts when they have them reasonably cheap, for my hubby.) Dawn Dish liquid 9 oz. $.99. Kleenex 70 to 100 ct. or Puffs 56 to 96 ct. for $.99. Mitchum deodorant 2.25 to 2.7 oz. for $.99 after the 5/5 Smartsource insert coupon. Free after RRs is also the Virmax Double Strength Male Enhancement Supplement 60 ct. and the Calagel Itch Relief 6 oz. I also see Nice Cashew Halves and Pieces 8 oz. or 9.25 oz. for $1.99. I will be looking at the cereal, as I do have a decent Kellogg’s coupon or two that I printed, but not sure how many don’t require a juice purchase or something else. I will consider picking up a tampon to donate and maybe some cashews for hubby and maybe one bag of chocolate covered peanuts for hubby also.

I hope you all have a good CVS/Walgreens trip, if you choose to go. Not a great week in my opinion, but will probably at least stop by, as I have to go to CVS to use my ECBs and Walgreens is so close by that it makes sense.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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