Oak Ridge Earth Day Celebration

I have been reading some stuff about some fun activities coming up this weekend for Earth Day and wanted to get more information and post it here. Let me know which earth day activities you have attended in the past and any favorites you have. I need to decide what I really want to see/do this weekend between all the other things on our schedule. (My husband and son do music lessons on Saturday and my son has been doing the Science Saturdays put on by ORNL and ORAU.)

Here is an Oak Ridge earth day website that lists a great deal of the events, and information. Website seems to say Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM, but I thought I had seen other times elsewhere. The Oak Ridger article also lists the festival as 11 to 4, but the dog jump show seems to start at 9 AM and run until 5 PM on Saturday.

The dog jumping into water show, the “Spare the Big Air” Dock Dogs event is all weekend from Friday through Saturday. This dog show sounds so interesting. I was reading about it in the Oak Ridge Life magazine. (Never seen that magazine before it showed up in my mailbox this month. Hmm, can’t seem to find the magazine either. Seems to be put out by hibu somehow associated with yellowbook360.com. Weird.) But I did find a website from the DockDogs who runs the dog show, that shows the approximate times for the different jump events.

There will be a bicycle rodeo. Some of the info seems to be from 2012 on the bike rodeo at least. Some of the information on the bike rodeo aims it at children, but I wonder if that has to be case. Could it be useful/interesting to a sidewalk bicycle rider who wants to get up the nerve to venture out more on the roads? (Sidewalk in this area isn’t the best and can be limiting on where one goes on their bike.)

At 8:30 AM on Saturday is the registration for the running of the green mile at the Oak Ridge High School track for kids. There will also be exhibitors/vendors and a recycling drive. You can drop off a number of different items for recycling including TVs, electronics, etc. Looks like an impressive list of exhibitors. I see an exhibit of children’s artwork using trash, sponsored by the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge listed. That could be interesting too. Looks like some bungee jumping for a fee is also a vendor/exhibitor.

There is a video from last year’s event that shows some of the dogs and comments on a number of the things. Video is claiming that parking was a bit difficult.

If you aren’t sure where all the festivities take place the address is
A K Bissell Park‎
1403 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN 37830.
This is the park with the friendship bell in it nearby the civic center. I am going to hang out some there on Saturday, but not sure how early to go, as times confuse me a bit.


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