Brixx Wood Fired Pizza Review

Tonight, for our once a week out to eat night, we tried Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, 7403 Kingston Pike, (865) 474-9971. There are two locations in Knoxville, one on Kingston Pike which we visited and one at 10978 Parkside Drive (Turkey Creek) (865) 288-4186.

We are opinionated pizza eaters, as we make homemade pizza at home, but have always enjoyed a wood fired pizza, so we of course ordered some pizza. We had to argue a little bit over two pizzas to order, as a 10 inch pizza is a bit much for one person and there were three of us, my husband, son (15 years old) and myself. In the end, we ordered an appetizer of the pita chips and three hummus dips, three side salads and the barbecue chicken pizza and the Bronx Bomber pizza, both on wheat crust.

Our salads and pita chips and hummus dip was brought first. My son ordered a Brixx salad with chicken, I think. The chicken and dressing was on the side. He was a little surprised the chicken was not on the salad, as it listed the salad as that was the item, not the regular salad with added chicken. Bit much chicken for the amount of salad. My husband ordered the spinach salad and I ordered the Arugula/Pear salad. My husband and I’s salads did not have any salad dressing on the side. My husband’s salad was dry in his opinion. Mine had some dressing to it perhaps but only in a small spot inside, so I wasn’t sure if it had dressing or was that just some moisture from the pear. But I think mine did have dressing on it. I prefer salads always come with dressing on the side, so I can add however much or little I want. Also helps with trying to cut my calories, if I want to. The salads also came with a small piece of bread, which was quite good. My salad was quite good, if a bit dry.

The pita chips and hummus were also quite good. I hadn’t tried a black bean hummus before. Our favorite hummus was the red pepper hummus, but then that is almost always my favorite. We did bring home a portion of the hummuses and pita chips. The pita chips are bread like, and not crunchy in anyway.

Our pizzas came out about 5 minutes after our salads and appetizer. I do wish the pizza could have been a tad slower at coming out, but hot is preferred and our waitress had tried to get us to order appetizers or salad while we made up our minds about the rest of our meal and we rather refused. The Bronx Bomber pizza was rather interesting. The gorgonzola cheese gave it a rather different flavor. The Barbecue chicken pizza was exactly what I expected, as we make barbecue pizza at home sometimes. The main difference is that we prefer a thicker crust for our pizzas, but in this area of the country they seem to mainly do thin crust pizza. The barbecue adds a hit of tang with some sweet too and goes wonderfully with chicken and with onions. Could have used a little bit more onions on it, though. 🙂

As we were having a hard time deciding what to order, we had told our waitress that it was our first time there. So when she brought back our bill, she also gave us a coupon that reads “Brixx wood fired pizza.. They say you never forget your first time…. We hope every time is just as memorable!” It is good for a free appetizer when purchased with two entrees and expires 5/23. Today we used a coupon from I do like receiving coupons for our recycling.

Oh, and the waitress did a very good job also. My son and husband seem to drink three times as much when we go out compared to when we eat at home and she managed to keep up with them and not have them sitting with an empty cup for long.

Lastly, the only surprise, was typing in my calories after we came back home. I know the waitress seemed to imply that the pizzas were personal pizzas, but oh, my gosh! They are high calorie (about 1100 to 1400 calories each). I did not eat a whole pizza, but with all the other stuff, I did eat higher than my calorie allotment. We did enjoy the food and the service, so we will go back again, but I will try and not eat quite so much and will request the salad dressing on the side. Also I think it means it won’t become a regular place for us, as that would be hard to justify with the probable calorie overload.

But it was good, we will return and we do recommend it, especially for non dieters. And for something with that many calories and that much fat, it didn’t upset my stomach and I don’t think it upset my husband’s stomach either. Wonder if we can order the pizzas a bit lighter on cheese. We typically order our pizza hut pizza heavy on sauce and light on cheese and prefer it that way. (IE not just a dieters trick, it is a true preference. I love a saucy lasagna, or saucy pizza, etc.)


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One Response to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza Review

  1. ste7888 says:

    Hey there! I’m originally from the Knoxville area, my family still live in Maryville actually and I go back to visit fairly often. In Nashville area now. Anyways, I’m just familiar with the area and liked coming across your blog. I used to work in Turkey Creek and my one experience at Brixx was not good. Service was fine, just the pizza came out way soft and soggy. I prefer my pizza crisper when it comes to thinner crusts. Maybe I just got a quick fix. Anyways, good to see your blog!

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