Dean’s Restaurant Review

Saturday we went to Dean’s Restaurant at Jackson Square for dinner. The address is 239 Jackson Square
Oak Ridge, TN with a phone number of (865) 481-2071. Another reviewer listed the hours as: M-F 11am-8pm, Sat 4pm-8pm and Sun Closed.

When you first walk in the room is a large room with smaller tables fairly far apart from each other. I wonder sometimes if they are busier they ever pull more tables in or not. Was nice to not have to worry about anyone bumping your chair as they seat themselves at a table near you. Reasonably busy when we were there around 5 PM on Saturday. Our next impression was our waitress was very young, but in the end, she did a very good job. We made jokes on whether our 15 year old son was older or she was. Then we joked later on if anyone in the wait staff was over 20. The manager was, but few others were.

After looking over the menu a bit, my husband and I both ordered the pulled pork. He ordered it with salad and pinto beans. I ordered it with salad and a special from the board the new red potatoes without the butter. (Was listed as buttered new red potatoes on the specials board.) My son ordered the burger and french fries. A plate of bread and corn bread was brought out immediately after our order was taken with our drinks. The bread was good, but the corn bread seemed dry to my husband. I am not a corn bread fan, (Yes, I know that may be a sin in this state.) so I can’t really comment. My mom grew up in the south and loved corn bread, but I just never developed a taste for it.

Then our salads were served and I had to ask what the pickled like item was on my salad. It was artichoke and a few other things, which I liked, but apparently my husband did not. My cucumbers looked rather non-fresh, but I don’t eat cucumbers. Often times my son will eat them when I take them off my salad, but he wouldn’t go near these.

The main meal was brought before I was done with my salad. I had a large serving of the pulled pork, a side of a tangy spicy barbecue sauce and 3 halfs of larger red potatoes. The pulled pork was very good, but a bit too large a serving for one person. The barbecue sauce was a tad strong for me, so I had to dip very lightly. I think my husband drizzled his over the meat. I felt the red potatoes were good, but not enough of them. My husband described the pinto beans as salty, but reasonable. (We do eat quite low sodium and are mostly accustomed to it.)

Overall on the food, it is good, but it isn’t balanced portions. Sides were too small in general and main dishes were too large. This makes it hard for someone who is a dieter. Typically I like a veggie and a starch to go with my meat. I would have loved more new potatoes for my side, or a baked potato as a choice. Mashed potatoes, it always depends on how much cream one adds in cooking, hence why I tend not to order it. But it would go very well with pulled pork. We probably will be going back at some point, but we will need to be careful what we order and how much of it we eat. My husband’s stomach did revolt a bit afterwards due to the fat probably in the pork, especially as he ate it all. I probably ate about a 2/3rds of mine and should have stopped at the half way point, but I kept nibbling.

The service was great. Our waitress never let our drinks empty and my husband had an easy time getting her attention just by looking her way when he needed anything.

Lastly, my husband had to check out the phone booth. He used to work for AT&T and there were getting rid of any and all phone booths that still existed. They didn’t want to service them or keep them running anymore. Apparently Dean’s has a wooden phone booth, that does work, but no quarters or anything. WE did not try it. While he looked at that, I had to drool over the sweet stuff. Can’t say I have ever had fried pie and due to calories and fat I doubt I will.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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