Walgreens/CVS and Food City Deals for This Week

Darn it, I did it again! I didn’t really get a chance to look all this over and I have to decide if I am going to any of these stores tomorrow or not. Let’s see what we find…

Walgreens, the usual matchup at Pocket Your Dollars. Dawn Dish Liquid 9 oz is always a good option if you need it, or need a filler. No coupons out on Dawn except from the P&G mailed booklets. Nice mushrooms or Nice Oranges, the Nice honey are all decent deals too. There is some Easter candy bags for $1.50 each which isn’t bad. Psoriasis Relief cream is free after RRs. Chicken of the Sea Sardines or Tuna are cheap after in store coupon. There is some Kellogg’s Cereal for $1.99, but not a lot of good coupons out. Look at the Pocket Your Dollars post for the cereal coupons. Looks like a skip week to me.

CVS, the Pocket Your Dollars listing. I see a 24 pack of bottled water for $2.44, limit 3. Dawn dish liquid 9 oz. for $.99. Puffs tissues 95 to 100 ct. or Puffs plus 48 to 68 ct. $.99. There is a $.25 off 3 Puffs coupon in the 3/3 P&G insert. There is softsoap body wash for $1 after ECBs and 2 February 2013 All You magazine coupons. V05 Shampoo or conditioner for $.82. (Last week they were ringing up this price and I had a $1 off one hair care coupon from the CVS coupon machine. Bought two to donate.) Dr. Pepper 2 liters for $.99. Some Kellogg’s cereal on sale for $2 and then a $1 off 2 coupon from the CVS machine could make for some well priced cereal. Pepsi 2 liters $.99 and a free thing of Gold Emblem Jelly Beans 7 oz. after ECBs, limit 1. Some cheap M&M’s after ECBs and coupons when you buy 4. Looks like I will be doing CVS, for some Pepsi 2 liters, maybe some Kellogg’s cereal and my free jelly beans and I may, if I need more to reach my ECB amount pickup some Puffs, as my son went through many boxes a few weeks ago.

Now let’s see what I can find at Food City. Buy 4 participating breakfast items and get a gallon of milk for $1.99. Hard to decide if this is a good deal, when I don’t know what items are participating. Chicken breasts jumbo or family pack $1.99/lb. Don’t prefer that large of a pack. Salad Tomatoes $.98/lb. Buy one get one free on Hungry Man Dinners and Food Club pizza. $1 for Kern’s sandwich bread and Hamburger helper. (Helper coupons for $.75 off 3 from 3/3 SS. What did all the others expire?!) Some meat deals include: Round Tip Beef Roast $3.49/lb. or Bottom Sirloin Beef Roast $3.79/lb. or Gerber Ground Chicken 93% lean $1.99/lb. or Tilapia Fillets $3.99/lb. Luck’s canned beans 15 oz. are $.59. Food Club grape jelly 32 oz. for $1.99. They have the Fast Fixin’ chicken 20 to 24 oz. for $3.99. There is some coupons out on this, not sure if they match or not. $1 off 1 Fast Fixin, Restaurant Style Or Fast Classics, Any 20 Oz. Or Larger printable (SmartSource) or $1 off any 1 fast fixin’ 20 oz. or larger printable (smartsource) or printable (manufacturer’s website). I suspect this is a fairly good deal. Valu Time Soft drinks 3 liter for $1. (When I used to buy regular soda, I sometimes bought no name, but diet I am more particular.) There is some $1 items including: cream cheese blocks, Del Monte canned pineapple, Nestle hot cocoa mix, Mrs. Freshley’s Snack Cakes and Angel Soft 4 double roll toilet paper. There is supposedly a $.25 off 1 Angel Soft printable coupon on their manufacturer website, but I think I printed it a long time ago. There is a cereal deal at Food City. Buy 3 Kellogg’s Cereals and get $3 off instantly. The ad reflects the price before and after the buy 3 deal. Most of the cereals range from $1.99 up to $2.49 each after the $3 off when you buy 3. The Kellogg’s special K deal is listed differently in the ad. It says buy 10 and get $5 off. I do have a $1 off 2 Special K coupon that I had printed earlier, but not enough to buy 10, if that is needed. CAdbury Creme Eggs are $1.19 for 2 or about $.60 each, which I believe is cheaper thus far than CVS or Walgreens. I am hoping for $.50 each. Looks like I will be skipping Food City also this week.

I really am sorry that I haven’t been managing to post the deals that I would like. I hope this post each week with links to Pocket Your Dollars for each of the drugstores and at least a quick review of what I see at Food City is helpful. I still haven’t looked over the monthly Food City deals. I also have a 10 for $10 flyer I picked up from Kroger that runs the entire month of March to look over and I picked up the Food Lion ad for this week. More work than I will have time for. Oh, and I have more restaurant coupons to add to the list too.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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