CVS, Walgreens and Food City Deals for 2/24 through 3/2

I don’t seem to be posting all the deals that I want to post as of yet. Working on it, so hopefully it will get better. Playing cards with my son and husband on Sunday put me behind, hubby distracted me on Tuesday and tonight I had a midweek Lenten worship to attend. So working on getting better at getting this out on a more regular basis.

CVS, my favorite listing is Pocket Your Dollars. I may pickup some Pepsi 2 liters, limit 5 $.99 each, maybe some tomato soup from Campbell’s $.75 each maybe using the $.40 off 4 coupon from 1/13 Smartsource or 2/10 Smartsource insert or $1 off 5 printable from the Campbell’s Website or $.40 off 3 printable from There is a deal on M&M’s if you need them, but I don’t want to buy 6 at one time right now. Still have to figure out how to organize my pantry and stockpile before I add that much more to it at one time. I do like to use M&M’s in place of chocolate chips, as they tend to run cheaper with sales and coupons. There is a bogo on A&W, Sunkist, 7Up and Canada Dry 2 liters, which should make for a reasonable price. $.89 for Ajax dish liquid 14 oz. Those always make a great filler to me. Free thermacare after ECBs, limit 1. Possibly free Poise wipes.

I also prefer Pocket Your Dollars for the Walgreens listing. There are a number of free after RR items this week. Most are things I don’t use though. I am rather low on cereal and do have a few $.75 off 1 General mills cereal coupons, may have to at least see what is included. Fiber One, or Total, I hope? Free Colgate toothpaste after RRs and coupon from the 2/24 Smartsource insert or 2/10 smartsource insert. Palmolive, storage bags, olives and Easter singles candy all make good fillers this week. If you want to see the sales next week to see how much RRs you want to end the week with, check out I heart Walgreens.

Food City, I have not found any favorite listings, and haven’t found much in the way of listings at all. I like Strawberries $2 per lb. (Walmart again had none for me to try and price match.), assorted pork chops for $1.79/lb., a number of bogo deals including Food Club Ice Cream which might be a good deal, Charmin Basic at a reasonable price, Harvest Club mushrooms 50% off and Food Club spaghetti sauce 26 to 26.5 oz. $.89. They have a $.68 cent sale this week which includes a number of possibly good deals including: Banquet pot pie 7 oz., Food Club sour cream 8 oz., Sweet Potatoes $.68/lb., Valu Time Margarine spread 16 oz., Food Club canned vegetables 14.5 to 15.25 oz., Food Club Tomatoes 14.5 oz., Food Club canned beans 15 oz., Jerzee Evaporated Filled Milk 12 oz. (filled?), Food Club canned greens 14 oz., Food Club rice medley 6.1 to 6.9 oz. and Food Club Cobbler Mix 7 oz.. There is a seafood festival that includes Swai Fillets for $2.99/lb. A number of reasonable deals, but not much I am interested in at this time. May stop by tomorrow to pick up the monthly deal flyers and hope I can get to them soon!

Tomorrow, I will also stop by Food Lion to pick up the flyer that I think started today. I never get one of theirs in my mailbox. *grumble* Will try and work on that tomorrow. Sorry, I am not doing the best at getting complete listings out each week.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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