Walgreens/CVS Deals for 2/3 through 2/9

Did not manage to make it to these and will possibly be heading the direction of CVS and Walgreens tomorrow, if there is anything that I am interested in. I will give a basic review of the ad and a link to a list for each store.

Walgreens this week… My favorite Walgreens listing is Pocket Your Dollars. There is a bunch of the free after RR items that to me I would have no idea where to donate or what to do with them myself, so will be passing. The one day sale did look interesting, but that has passed. Usually the Walgreens honey price is the best I can find. The Cheez-it crackers could be a good deal if we have the $1 off 2 coupon from the 1/27 Redplum insert, which I don’t remember seeing. I need Kleenex soon as my dear son went through I don’t know how many boxes recently with his cold that he is still getting over. May decide to get some turkey bacon with the Butterball coupon from the 1/6 Smartsource insert. ($1.29 sale price – $.55 = $.74 for final price.) My son likes bacon and I like the small size as we don’t tend to use more than that at one sitting and does anyone use a partial package of bacon and refreeze it or stick in the refrigerator again? 7up, A&W, etc. 2 liters for $.99, but already bought some at Kroger. Hmmm… Maybe it is a skip week for me, unless CVS next door has something interesting.

CVS this week.. My favorite listing is of course Pocket Your Dollars. Hershey’s chocolate bags can be cheap with ECBs and the coupon from the 1/20 Smartsource insert. There is also cheap Palmolive dish soap and Kleenex. I do like the Scott Extra Soft toilet paper deal, 18 double rolls for $7.49 – $1 off 1 from 1/13 SS = $6.49. I always seem to need toilet paper around here and it is not because of the men in the house! Some inexpensive M&M’s and such with coupons from 1/27 or 2/3 redplum insert. Pepsi 2 liters for $.99 which I probably will do, as I printed up the coupons.com $.50 off a pepsi 2 liter. Maybe I will head to CVS for Scott toilet paper and some pepsi 2 liters. I so hope they have some flavor choice for us diet drinkers. I have found it hard to find Diet Pepsi Cherry, or Diet Pepsi Lime which my family prefers.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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