Helping Others With Coupons

One thing I strive to do when I coupon is to use my coupons to help others. I am not the best at it. I have read other bloggers who seem to manage to do a ton more than I do. They either have some great resources for extra coupons, or maybe they are buying coupons off ebay or something.

I have been attending Grace Lutheran Church in Oak Ridge recently. They have a food pantry that they serve every Friday from 10 AM until noon. I have tried to donate some items to their pantry on a regular basis from my couponing. My January list includes: 1 can tuna, 8 rolls toilet paper (Angel Soft purchased with printable coupons when it was on sale at Kroger.), 2 bars of soap (free after newspaper coupon, if I remember right.), 2 cans of diced tomatoes ($.09 a can after double coupon and when purchased with 10 participating items at Kroger recently.), and 1 tube of toothpaste. February’s list includes: 1 pack of Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast packets (free when you downloaded kroger ecoupon on correct day.). I know this doesn’t amount to much, but it is the best I could do with being new to the area and only having one Sunday paper that I subscribed to and being so new to the stores. I am sure there are more ongoing deals at Kroger with the $.50 double coupons promotion, but haven’t had the chance to price check things. All of these items cost me $1.18 and some coupons and sales tax, which in this state isn’t minimal! (Sorry, I am still getting used to the sales tax here, but with no state income tax, it will even out, actually it should shake out in our favor by a fair amount.) This is one way that a couponer can help others with their coupons.

Another thing that I have done in the past and hope to start doing again soon is mailing my expired coupons to military families overseas who can use them at their commissary up to 6 months past their expiration date. I used to mail a huge box about every two or three months that was collected by me and another friend of mine and her mother. This is another way to help others with coupons. I am hoping to begin doing this again soon, just haven’t quite felt like I had the time yet, but should soon now that the boxes have mostly been unpacked, disposed of (given away on Freecycle) and the guest room has been vacuumed, etc.

One thing that would help me to do both of these things, is if I had more local sources of coupons. IE if you have coupons you don’t want or can’t use and you live in Oak Ridge, TN, I would love to come and pick up coupons maybe once or twice a month. It would help me to give more to the Food Pantry and to share more with military families overseas. Email me at, if you have some coupons that you are willing to share.

Do you have other ways that you help others with your coupons? I have talked to online many who let friends and family “shop” their stockpile, when needed, etc. What do you do?


About skirnirh

I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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2 Responses to Helping Others With Coupons

  1. trishay79 says:

    I let family and friends “shop” my stockpile, sometimes giving close family things for free if I got them free etc. And I also sometimes in the past have shared with the local food pantry if I really have an overstock of something.

    • trishay79 says:

      Oh I also share actual coupons with my sister and tell her of deals on things I know she uses. Not always things i put on my blog as some things she is brand specific to but I make sure to tell her about those.

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