Drugstore Deals for 1/27 through 2/2

I did not make it to the drugstore deals again this week. My favorite Walgreens listing is at Pocket Your Dollars, as is my favorite CVS listing.

I am now looking over the Walgreens listing and I may pickup some General Mills cereal, as I have a $.50 off 1 Cheerios coupon from this past weeks smartsource insert, and some older printed $.85 and $.75 off 1 Multigrain cheerios coupons. Doubt I will buy 5 for the balance reward points, but I am having to come to terms with paying $1.50 for cereal in this state as compared to $1 in Wisconsin. I managed to do $1 a box in Wisconsin and had plenty around too, but not here thus far. I may pick up some Pepsi 2 liters with the $.50 off 1 2 liter coupon that I printed off of coupons.com recently. If they are not out, I will be picking up some chex mix with the $.50 off 1 coupons.com coupons and the $.60 off 1 that the pillsbury/boxtops/betty crocker websites had. I love chex mix but refuse to pay more than $1 a bag, so did get it regularly. I just could eat the whole bag in one sitting if I let myself. Will probably also pickup some combos, as I have one tearpad coupon left for $1 off 2. Wonder if they will be all out of Chex Mix and combos. I could price match at Walmart though or get a raincheck. Stride ID gum is reasonable if you have the bogo coupon or a $1 off 2 coupon, but I think all mine expired. Planters peanuts combining the Walgreens February coupon book with the $1 off 1 from the 1/27 Smartsource insert, could make a good deal. I believe they don’t have no salt added though, which is what my husband prefers. There is also a number of free after RRs, but I am not interested in any of those.

CVS has a good Pepsi 12 pack deal, that I doubt I will do, as I just did their coke 12 pack deal last week. I do like the Charmin basic deal, as I like to pay no more than $4.80 for a 24 pack or a 12 double roll pack of toilet paper. It is a limit one offer though, so not sure that is enough to get me to go, but it is right next door to Walgreens. You can mix and match the pepsi 12 packs with some other items and still get $5 back in ECBs, but the other items other than 2 liters and 12 packs seem expensive to me. Ah, I was hoping for the Xtra laundry detergent to be on a slight sale, $1.49 for the 30 load size, so probably will pick up one, as I need it. About all I will pickup at CVS this week.

What are you picking up this week at the drug stores? Have any great finds this week? I would have loved to have had the French’s Worcestershire sauce coupon from this past weeks inserts, as Kroger had a large size in the clearance section and it would have been like $.18 after double coupon. I do use Worcestershire sauce, but probably would be a few years before I finished that bottle and no, it wasn’t that large, I just use a teaspoon or two here a few times a year. Oh, and read those Kroger receipts. I had to go to Customer Service today as the $5 did not come off, because the computer did not count the Pace salsa towards my ten items.


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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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