Mediterranean Delight Restaurant Review

Recently we ate at Mediterranean Delight,  160 Bus Terminal Road in Oak Ridge.  They are located back in a strip mall hiding in a corner and looks like quite a hole in the wall restaurant.  Somewhere we had heard a good review of this restaurant and sought it out.

Photos of the menu are available at urban spoon. We ordered the hummus with some pita bread for dipping. The hummus was quite good.  My husband often times makes his own hummus at home, and this hummus was comparable.  My husband ordered the shawarma chicken wrap, while I ordered the shawarma plate and my son ordered the mousakka.  After we placed our order, we were told where the dinning room was, which was back outside one door before you get to the restaurant from the front of the strip mall.

The dinning room is about 4 tables and unheated with a door that doesn’t seem to completely close.  So you may want to consider ordering takeout and taking it elsewhere to eat.  We were the only ones in the dining room and did enjoy chatting and peeking around the room while we waited for our food.  Once our food was brought out, we all enjoyed our meals.  The shawarma plate seemed a tad salty, but was very delicious.  My husband also enjoyed his shawarma wrap.  My son enjoyed his mousakka, but it did seem a bit too high fat for my stomach to be able to take it.  My stomach is sensitive to high fat.  I did sample my son’s dish and it was quite good and it was more than he could finish, but only by a small amount.

When we were finished eating, we went back to the order room to pay our bill and the proprietor topped off our hummus plate and covered it with tinfoil for us to take home.  Then we also were told to try a sesame cookie, which we shared and enjoyed.  We also chose to try the wheat baklava which the proprietor bagged up for us, but we shared it in the car.  It was actually quite good.  Not as sickly sweet as some baklava that I have had in the past can be.  Very nutty flavor.

Overall, we very much enjoyed the food and our visit to this restaurant.  The proprietor and his wife were very friendly and clearly enjoy sharing their food with others.




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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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