Cedar Hill Greenway

I walked some of the Cedar Hill greenway this afternoon.  The trail is a wooded trail that is in some very pretty areas.  I was only able to find one image online of this trail, but will take pictures later in the year and will post them on this blog when I do.  The area between the Cedar Hill Park and the New York Avenue entrance seemed fairly well marked, but much of the rest is not.

I managed to enter off of Georgia Avenue and follow the trail to the Cedar Hill Park.  (Nice playground at the park.)  Saw a herd of deer, maybe 5 to 10 deer in this section of the trail.  I was rather amazed that I looked up to see them, as I was having trouble following the trail.  One of them just stood watching me, twitching his ears and listening to me, before I walked on.  Some of this section could become muddy after a rain, as you do cross back and forth over a small ditch/waterway.  One spot was muddy today, but only had to do a tiny bit to reach the bridge/plank over the waterway.

The section from Cedar Hill Park to New York Avenue seemed to be well marked, but I think the New York entrance had a bridge with some railing down on one side.  These trails at least do not look well taken care of in the winter/December.  I know December is not primary walking season, so maybe that was part of the reason.  (Also the leaves on the trail made it hard to see where the trail was and was not.  The trail seems to be mostly cleared but seeing the ground cover in some places wasn’t always possible with the leaves.)

At Maiden Lane, I seemed to loose the trail, so I walked down Maiden lane to the next entrance just past Michigan Avenue.  I again had trouble following the trail and wound up loosing it and coming out at Chapel Hill.  From there I gave up and walked back to Jackson Square, where I had started and couldn’t find the entrance until I got to Georgia at the beginning.

This trail is marked as a difficult trail on the greenway list online, and I imagine that is accurate, but would have preferred a bit more markings on trees and such to make sure I am going the right way.  I will have to try this trail again in fall sometime when the leaves are in color and in the summer, if it isn’t too hot!  Next time, I will try and take pictures and hope I can follow the whole thing.

Have you walked this trail?  Any comments or advice on how to keep to it?  Or are you interested in joining me for a walk on and showing me where I missed some of it?  (Been looking online for a walking group in Oak Ridge and haven’t found one yet.  Know of any?)



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I am a wife and mother of one who lives in San Jose, California. I enjoy couponing, walking/biking outside, financial matters, exercise, cooking and health news.
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